Craftia’s world-leading technology

Leading technology in the pet food industry creates a unique appetizing and soft bite that meets every quality demand. Centred around our “Thermal Twin” extrusion technology, our production of pet food removes barriers through increased steam cooking while preserving ingredient and product identity, allowing all the animal proteins to be in the form of freshly prepared real meat, which translates to clean-label products. Additionally, the product appearance (smoother surface), palatability, digestibility and ingredient retention rates are enhanced when quality and freshly prepared real meat ingredients are processed using a new generation “Thermal Twin” extrusion system. During the food production process, vitamins and micronutrients retain their freshness through a coating system that allows them to be included post-cooking.


Ingredients retain their freshness

Our food is designed using freshly prepared real ingredients in their most nutritious and digestible form, providing natural flavours that dogs and cats have always found in Nature. Our diets are rich in raw meat and highly digestible protein of animal origin carefully supplemented with vegetables, fruits and other healthy herbs, natural prebiotics, essential vitamins and minerals. The ratio of raw meat and other ingredients is finely balanced to guarantee the most biologically acceptable food.

We are confident in the freshness of our ingredients and their quality, but we are also confident in our production technology, which allows us to retain the nutritional values of our raw materials providing the authentic taste of every single ingredient. These ingredients are enhanced based on their freshness and natural origin, bringing the best of them into the bowl.