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Chicken & Fish

Aloe & Blueberry

Chicken and fish are a great tasty combination: both provide a healthy source of protein that is essential for cats, helping to maintain and support strong and agile muscles. Aloe helps maintain a healthy body and supports the pet’s well-being, while blueberries are very nutritious and simply delicious!

Duck & Turkey

Acerola & Pumpkin

Duck and turkey meat provide highly digestible protein, which helps to maintain a healthy immune system, a healthy heart, and strong and agile muscles. The combination will provide a flavour that cats will love. Acerola and pumpkin are in the mix to make this healthy meal even tastier for your pets.

North Sea Fish

Aloe & Blueberry

North sea fish is a tasty and desirable blend of high-quality protein that helps support cats’ whole-body health. Fish protein and oil help maintain healthy skin, a shiny coat and strong muscles. Aloe & blueberry make the list of benefits even longer: a good metabolism, a strong immune system and harmony of body and mind are just a few of them.