Feeding ritual

Feeding ritual



Nature has its perfect rhythm. It is a pace and pureness that we can follow, every day, and in every aspect of our life, alongside our loving pets. To live by this rhythm means being in balance and harmony with Nature. We believe that feeding your pet should also follow this natural rhythm. The healthy and functional nutrients that they eat, the times and places they eat – all are important in creating a specific routine that can directly affect their health, well-being and quality of life. Through this feeding routine, you are deepening the important loving bond with your pet. You help create a deep understanding which is passed on, alongside all the other virtues of your relationship.


Naturally, your pet will be excited every time you go to where you keep their food. This excitement grows even stronger when you take their food bowl and place the kibbles inside. Therefore, it is important to teach your pet to stay calm while waiting for their tasty nutritious meal. Relax him with your body language and voice. Help build a relationship that is full of mutual belief, and that can guide your pet to wait for their meal, calmly and patiently.


We know it is nice to always be close to your pet, but when it comes to their feeding, it is good if a pet has their own private space where they do not feel pressured while eating. All animals have a normal and natural instinct to protect and “guard” their food, so respect for the pet’s eating space will bring them peace and it will make them relaxed while they eat. This is especially important with cats. If you have more than one cat, provide a feeding bowl for each cat and one extra. Do not crowd all the bowls close together.


The feeding routine is always aimed at creating a regular peaceful and pleasant experience that will imprint positive emotions into your pet’s memory. Don’t rush them or make any distractions. It is very important that the feeding routine becomes part of their memory that represents something pleasant and nice, an experience that they will always be happy to repeat.


It is highly recommended that meals should take place at least three hours before resting for the night, so they can have enough time for digestion. This helps their body take the right amount of time to digest their nutritious food, all with the rhythm of Nature.


The best experiences are natural and crafted. These rewarding experiences can be carefully crafted over time, and your relationship and strong loving connection with your pet are always fulfilling. Nurture and shape it carefully. It may take time and devotion, but nothing feels so good as the harmony between you, your pet and Nature, and feeling the natural rhythm between you all.