For Nature, we know how important it is to maintain its diversity, balance and harmony. Like Nature, it’s important we do the same for ourselves and our pets, and this starts within the body. Both pets and ourselves are home to a number of important living communities called microbiomes. Each healthy microbiome is a balanced and harmonious diverse community of micro-organisms living together at a particular body location, e.g. on the skin, in the ears, in the mouth, or in the gut – the body’s largest and most important microbiome. Craftia’s NUTRIBIOME™ nourishes a pet’s gut microbiome through a carefully chosen blend of prebiotics, fibre, multivitamins and antioxidants. Having a healthy, diverse, balanced and harmonious gut microbiome is very important – it supports healthy metabolism and digestion, helps protect against bad gut bacteria and supports the gut’s immune system – and it can have a positive impact on physiological functions and also influence the brain and the kidneys.

Different factors determine each microbiome’s community: genetics, environment, lifestyle, health, and of course nutrition. That is why Craftia created NUTRIBIOME™ – it’s at the core of Craftia’s nutritional philosophy and helps shape each recipe through its careful selection of natural ingredients. NUTRIBIOME™ helps you nurture and nourish your pet’s microbiome, helping maintain its diversity, balance and harmony.

NUTRIBIOME™ is right at the heart of Craftia’s nutritional philosophy and is lovingly included in each and every Craftia recipe for dogs and cats.