There is lot of going on in order to get our ultra-premium pet food to pets all around the world. Our team of dedicated experts is always on the mission – each one of us bring its own unique expertise from different fields, and that puts us in a position to always strive for excellence.

Ljubiša Vrcelj

Kitchen Captain
The one who makes sure that the flow of food crafting in our kitchen goes smoothly and on time – just like the flow of Nature. For us, food crafting is an art, so our Captain always motivates the artisans in our kitchen to treat every single kibble with passion and devotion: all this to make sure that every meal is pure enjoyment for the pets.

Nikolina Marčeta

Excellence Keeper
During every phase of crafting food, our Keeper checks that everything is at the highest possible level. Like Nature itself, our kitchen is vibrant and always boiling with new ideas, so our Keeper makes sure that the quality standards are met and whether there are any mistakes or room for improvement. At the end of the process, the Keeper accepts nothing less than top-notch quality and always strives for it, together with the rest of the team.