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Lamb with Quail

Aloe & Blueberry

Grass-fed lamb and quail are a beautiful match, providing a natural hypoallergenic blend that is rich in highly digestible protein and vital nutrients. Carefully selected cereals in combination with aloe & blueberry make the list of benefits very long: good metabolism, a strong immune system and harmony of body and mind are just a few of them.

Salmon & Herring

Asparagus & Apple Annurca

Here we have the best from both the water and the soil. Herring and salmon will help pets thrive in many ways: fish protein is great for maintaining healthy skin and a shiny coat. Apple Annurca is known as the “queen among the apples“ because of its beautiful aroma and flavour, and asparagus has a wide range of vitamins and minerals and is highly beneficial for a pet's overall well-being. When you add grains to the mix, it is clear that this recipe is a real treat from Mother Earth.

Duck with Pheasant

Marigold & Artichoke

Duck and pheasant is an enticing and delicious combination from Nature. Their rich protein content helps support healthy muscles and their nuances provide an extra-delicious flavour. The rest of the recipe completes Nature’s harmony: a 5 cereal complex, marigold and artichoke that make a truly delightful meal for your pet.