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CRAFTIA, Ultra-Premium nourishment for your special companion

CRAFTIA, Ultra-Premium nourishment for your special companion


When creating each ultra-premium recipe of CRAFTIA, we wanted to follow a unique nutritional philosophy that would allow both you and your dog to be in perfect harmony, and for that harmony to also be with Nature. Central to our philosophy are the critically important gut bacteria, part of the largest and most important microbiome in the puppy and adult dog, and critical to whole-body health, vitality and harmony. Therefore, every recipe is based on unique NUTRIBIOMETM, with a carefully chosen blend of prebiotics (FOS and MOS), fibre, botanical antioxidants and multivitamins, which nourishes and nurtures a healthy gut microbiome, helping promote health and vitality, from a puppy through to an adult dog.

What makes CRAFTIA`s ultra-premium nutrition so special?

When we craft each recipe we must be sure that each bite provides the correct amount, balance and availability of nutrients needed by your puppy, or adult dog, for their optimal physical activity and mental health. We choose only the best high-quality ingredients and carefully selected from natural and fresh sources. Through these choices, we can include superfood ingredients that help maintain and support your dog`s optimal health.

We pay homage to your dog`s evolutionary needs for protein by using freshly prepared raw meat in every recipe, up to 35%, perfectly complemented with other high-quality animal proteins: we choose from the exquisite proteins of Lamb, Quail, Duck, Pheasant, Chicken, Turkey, Salmon, and Herring.  We ensure each diet has a high amount of protein to support your dog`s every need.

To fuel your dog`s energy needs, especially important in puppies, we use tasty chicken fat and healthy fish oils, which also provide important omega 6 and 3 fatty acids, supporting a healthy skin & coat and supple joints. A carefully chosen blend of five healthy grains, which includes five ancient grains – Millet, Spelt, Brown rice, Oats and Barley also provide energy and help to create a tasty crunchy kibble.

Supporting healthy joints and mobility comes from our added glucosamine and chondroitin, healthy stools are created through our careful choice of fibre and Yucca schidigera, and oral health is maintained by the unique use of brown seaweed, Ascophyllum nodosum.

A selection of botanicals, fruits and vegetables, provide natural antioxidants and vitamins, while also being part of the NUTRIBIOMETM, supporting the gut microbiome.


Our Secret Ingredient

Having all these fantastic healthy ingredients is one major step towards making the best food, but our last ingredient is equally important, and this is the care and attention we give to every individual batch of food we make in our artisan kitchens. Using the latest energy-saving state-of-the-art manufacturing technology, which includes a special pre-mixing and pre-cooking step, energy and nutrient conserving cooker that steam cooks to produce the kibble, and a baking oven, all mean that the quality and palatability of each kibble is second to none. To further support the Ultra-Premium status of the recipes, the advanced technology means that the digestibility of each key nutrient is high, helping ensure your dog will take out the maximum value of each nutrient in every bite they take.

Our nutritional philosophy, supported by the 7 Pillars, is key to the love and dedication we put into every bag, every kibble, and every bite.  The choice and blend of ingredients in each recipe, alongside NUTRIBIOMETM, are all passionately designed to make sure you and your loving dog live in perfect harmony, with one another, and with Nature.